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The Lavendry Lounge (Lavendry Lounge Inc.) pioneered the Laundry Lounge Cafe concept in the Philippines, with the first branch established in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. 

We provide the best environment for our customers, their laundry needs and convenience.

Conceptualized in October of 2016, incorporated in February 2017 and Opened on March 31, 2017. We opened to the public and warmly welcomed in the Mandaluyong community. After a year of Operation, as of April 2018, we have incorporated an Online Queuing System, extended our Shop Hours, and eventually had shifted to 24 hours operation (24/7).


The Lavendry Lounge saw the opportunity to Re-Imagine and Re-Create Laundry, when Laundromats in Manila, Philippines were mostly Standard Standalone Laundromats or Hole-In-The-Wall setup and most traditional laundry services turnaround time were 2 to 5 days.

We continue innovating to serve and deliver our customers' exceptional services.

The Lavendry Lounge Re-imagined laundry experience and lifestyle

Laundry, Re-imagined (Mission & Vision)

The Lavendry Lounge's Laundromats uses Multistage & Softener treated Water for our Washers. Modern, energy-efficient LG Commercial Washers and Dryers in an Industrial Lounge/Cafe Environment.

Chillout in our Fully Air-conditioned Laundromat and Cross laundry off your list while Eating and Drinking Nespresso Coffee or Refreshment Selection, catch Cable TV Movies, Sports, and News, or work on your laptop (FREE WiFi).

Save time, money and savor every minute of The Lavendry Lounge's re-imagined Laundry Lifestyle. All while contributing to the Sustainability Efforts in Waste Reduction and Saving Nature

The Lavendry Lounge's MISSION is, To Re-Imagine and Re-Create laundry experience by Innovation in the Laundry Business and Consistent Delivery of Exceptional Quality Services for all stakeholders.  Re-Inventing Laundry Lifestyle. 

The Lavendry Lounge's VISION is, To be the Preferred, Leading & Established Laundromat Cafe/Lounge Brand in the Philippines.


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Regular Customer - 5 Stars (Google)

"Been coming here for years. The facility is very clean. Staff are friendly and helpful. A great way to Wash in style." 

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