Wash & Dry in Minutes

The Lavendry Lounge's ultra-high-efficiency LG equipment - Washer capacities up to 15 kg*, and Dryers up to 15 kg* that can Wash and Dry drastically cutting down overall laundry time with our Filtered, Soft Water and Industrial Exhaust System for efficient and faster Drying, for all your laundry needs. Choose multiple washers and dryers, or dump all of your laundries from the past month into one of The Lavendry Lounge's large-capacity machines while sipping a cup of Nespresso Coffee or eating our pre-cooked/prepared sumptuous meals.


High-efficiency machines providing high reliability.

  • Industrial Exhaust System to Complement our Dryers for a more Faster and Efficient Drying.
  • Durability LG Commercial Laundry provides superior durability and reliability thanks to LG Inverter Direct Drive™ which is attached motor directly to drum. Therefore it offers quiet and low vibration performance for more efficient Wash & Dry.
  • Efficiency LG Commercial washers are ENERGY STAR qualified, meeting industry standards of energy efficiency. 
  • Convenience LG Commercial Laundry products are all front service accessible to reduce service time, and intuitive programming controls allow operators to choose from a variety of functions and programs quickly. 

Value for Money

Laundry at The Lavendry Lounge is more cost effective per kilo than any other Laundromat in the Philippines. Laundry is Washed with Soft and Filtered Water, comes out very clean and contains less water. This saves time and money in Drying with our Industrial Exhaust & Ducting System ensuring optimum Drying. Customers and Laundry are also in the Cleanest Environment within the Laundromat, Air at The Lavendry Lounge is Purified using our HEPA/UV-C Air Filter and Purifier together with our Natural Air Purifying Indoor Plants which naturally absorbs harmful Air Impurities while creating Oxygen, ensuring Customers and their clothes are in the Cleanest Environment.

Machine Sanitizing

The Lavendry Lounge's machines are the cleanest; we treat the Laundry Water with our Multistage Water Filters & Softener while maintaining our Washers with Daily Sanitizing Tub Cleaning, Monthly Extensive Tub Cleaning Cycle and Semi-Annual General Cleaning & Maintenance

Friendly Attendants

The Lavendry Lounge Laundromat is fully attended with Friendly Attendants to Assist Customers in all their Laundry, Wash & Dry Needs and Convenience.


The Lavendry Lounge only uses HE LIQUID DETERGENTS in the Washers, keeping them free from residue or undissolved powder detergent.**


Laundry Water

  • The Lavendry Lounge has a Large Independent Water Storage Tank & Pressure System that provides continuous Water Supply and Laundry Services, even during Water Ration periods from the City Taps or Water Provider.
  • The Lavendry Lounge has Hot Water for Whiter Whites & Bacteria Elimination. We also treat the Laundry Water with Multistage Water Filters & Softener to provide its customers with the Cleanest Machines & the most Pristine Wash. ***

Food & Beverage Options

The Lavendry Lounge has Food & Beverage Options so you may sip your favorite Cup of Nespresso Coffee or quench your thirst with our Refreshment Options or Satisfy your cravings with the Food Choices available in store.


Couples Laundry Date, Meet new friends or do your Laundry with your Friends, Chat with your Friends using our FREE WiFi, all while doing your Laundry in a Warm & Clean Environment.

FREE WiFi & Charging Stations

The Lavendry Lounge has Charging Stations and FREE WiFi, so you may do your Homework, Research, Presentation or simply Browse the Web and your Social Media Accounts. All while keeping your devices charged and doing your Laundry.

Online Queuing System

Reserve ahead of time to schedule your laundry, install the QMobile App for your laundry ticket booking and appointments to avoid long lines. You will also be notified when it's almost your turn, so you can decide when to proceed to the shop for your turn.

Pick-up & Delivery

Have a busy schedule and need help in managing your Laundry Schedule Pick-up and Delivery?

The Pioneer Laundry App in Metro Manila with Hassle Free Pick Up and Delivery is now available for download.

The Lavendry Lounge, services Mandaluyong Pick up and Delivery through the Swosh! App and our Swosh! Partners.


*  Recommended Maximum load of 13 kg

** Liquid Detergents ONLY, no Powder Detergents are allowed in the Washers, as these are Communal Machines shared by our Valued Customers.

*** Hot Water with Eccellenza Wash (Excellence Wash), check Garment Care Guide if safe for Hot Water Washing. Laundry Water Treated with Multimedia Filter and Water Softener System.


Regular Customer - 5 Stars (Facebook)

"The Lavendry Lounge is awesome! The staff are friendly and attentive, while the facilities are the best I’ve experienced in any country. My laundry is fresh and clean, using the best machines available. Although I chose to do my own loading and folding, I’d trust these staff and welcome their friendly assistance!" 

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