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TimeFree Innovations


Time slips like sand through sieves in our lives. TimeFree are in the business of improving people’s lives by maximizing one important value: time. TimeFree harness the power of mobility and the cloud to ensure that people waste not one minute in their lives. All we have are our hours, and when it comes to being decisive, there’s no better time than now.



QMobile is a queue slot reservation and scheduling app that lets you be more productive while you wait for your turn. It is very efficient and convenient than to physically wait in line.

  • Get a queue number wherever you are. No need to physically go first to the store you want to visit. You can reserve a queue number with just a push of a button and you’re free to do other things while you wait. The app sends alerts to update you regarding your position in the queue and tells you exactly when to go to the store.
  • Schedule an appointment if you are only free on a particular time of day. Leave it to QMobile to remind you of your appointment.
  • No idea what branch of your favorite store is nearest you? No need to worry. With QMobile, you can search for the nearest branch of your favorite store with a push of a button. QMobile will give you directions on how to get there. Life is too short to wait in line. Get the freedom to celebrate life with QMobile.

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Want to reserve ahead of time to schedule your laundry? You may now install the QMobile App for your laundry ticket booking and appointments. You will also be notified when it's almost your turn, so you can decide when to proceed to the shop for your turn.

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Swosh! - Laundry and Cleaning App

Ampersand SG Phils Inc


Ampersand SG Phils Inc is an affiliate of Ampersand Associates Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company specialising in the construction industry. We are now venturing into Information Technology / Services specifically in the Mobile App development providing B2C solutions.

SWOSH! - Laundry and Cleaning App

Swosh! - Laundry and Cleaning App

The newest laundry app in the Metro now gives you the power to do your laundry just by tapping.
Choose from our roster of trusted partners and have your laundry picked up, washed, and delivered.

With the SWOSH! app, get your laundry done in 3 easy steps:
1. BOOK - Place your order and have your laundry picked up as early as three hours.
2. WASH - Sit back & relax as we ensure your laundry will be washed to the highest of SWOSH! standards.
3. DELIVER - Get your freshly-cleaned garments right at your doorstep at your most convenient time.

• Hassle-free, quality laundry services
• Flexible pick-up & delivery system
• Choose from a growing roster of trusted partners around Metro Manila
• Interactive map to find laundry shops near you
• Compare laundry prices and get the best deals
• Personalized user-friendly app interface

Let us do the work while you enjoy your free time. SWOSH! your laundry now!

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Have a busy schedule and need help in managing your Laundry Schedule Pick-up and Delivery?

The Newest Laundry App in Metro Manila with Hassle Free Pick Up and Delivery is now available for download.

The Lavendry Lounge, services Mandaluyong Pick up and Delivery through the Swosh App and our Swosh! Partners.

Available on Android and Apple

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Regular Customer - 5 Stars (Google)

"Just finished my laundry here, I went based on the Reviews. I can recommend it too, friendly staff, just put your stuff in the Wash (~40min ), go around, cut your hair, eat, and they have the courtesy to transfer your stuff when ready in the dryer (~40min). Good smelling and clean laundry now. Price is okay and Music is good here too."

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