Laundry and Cleaning App

The newest laundry app in the Metro now gives you the power to do your laundry just by tapping. Choose from our roster of trusted partners and have your laundry picked up, washed, and delivered

Made by Ampersand SG Philippines, Inc. 

How to Use

With the SWOSH! app, get your laundry done in 3 easy steps:

1. BOOK: Place your order and have your laundry picked up as early as three hours. 

2. WASH: Sit back & relax as we ensure your laundry will be washed to the highest of SWOSH! standards. 

3. DELIVER: Get your freshly-cleaned garments right at your doorstep at your most convenient time. 


• Hassle-free, quality laundry services

• Flexible pick-up & delivery system

• Choose from a growing roster of trusted partners around Metro Manila

• Interactive map to find laundry shops near you

• Compare laundry prices and get the best deals

• Personalized user-friendly app interface  

Download the App

The newest laundry app in Metro Manila with hassle-free pick-up andDelivery is now available for download. Available on Android and Apple.



Online Queuing Service

A queue slot reservation and scheduling app that lets you be more productive while you wait for your turn. It is very efficient and convenient than to physically wait in line. 

Made by TimeFree Innovations

How to Use

1. Download the app

2. Search for The Lavendry Lounge

3. Get a queue number

4.  You will also be notified when it's almost your turn, so you can decide when to proceed to the shop for your turn. 

Download the App

 Want to reserve ahead of time to schedule your laundry? You may now install the QMobile App for your laundry ticket booking and appointments. Available on Android and Apple.