Air Quality


 The Lavendry Lounge nurtures Natural Air Purifying Indoor Plants on top of its HEPA and UV-C Air Filters and Conditioner to Promote the Cleanest Air. 

Water Conservation


 The Lavendry Lounge Equipment are Designed for Maximum Efficiency for Water and Energy Consumption. Our Washers are designed to use less water while ensuring Superior Washing through it's Front Load Tilted Design and Atomizing System. Filtered and Soft Water also contributes in maximizing Wash Efficiency of Laundry. We have a Large Independent Water Storage Tank, Filtration & Pressure System, ensuring Clean Water is always available in-store even during Water Ration when there are Supply Shortages experienced.

Energy Conservation


The Lavendry Lounge ensures efficient use of Energy by ONLY utilizing modern fixtures and equipment. All Lighting Fixtures are using LED Lighting. We also use Inverter Technology for our Washers, Dryers, Water Pumps, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment. These Equipment are utilized in the most energy efficient designed Laundromat Shop with regular preventive maintenance systems in place to ensure maximum operating efficiency. We have also incorporated an Efficient Industrial Exhaust & Ducting System, effectively reducing Drying Time of Laundry.

Waste Reduction


 The Lavendry Lounge has transitioned from Single-use Plastic Sachets to Re-Usable Capsules for the Retailed and In-house brands of Liquid Detergents & Fabric Conditioners. While the Empty Plastic Gallons are sent to Recycling Centers as part of our Established Standard Operating Procedure. We also send back the Nespresso Coffee Aluminum Capsules to Nespresso for Recycling.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The Lavendry Lounge provides its Team with Staff Accommodations in the same building, Basic Groceries and all Meals. Which effectively reduces Transportation and Mobilization requirements. We have also developed an Incentive Program for our Team, providing additional incentives for Efficient Performance & Customer Service, this is on top of their regular compensation. Effectively ensuring a Happy and Healthy Team.